18 December 2017

About us

The newspaper Travel Quotidiano is a detailed and reliable tool for tourism information and promotion.

This is what Travel Quotidiano has been representing for the professionals of the tourism market for twenty years.

Travel Quotidiano offers to its highly qualified and loyal readers the latest news on tourism, many detailed analysis, reports and market research. These readers want to meet their professional requirements but also to keep abreast of the new lifestyles and market trends.

“Giving the latest news in advance”
made the newspaper a reliable and competitive medium. It represents a point of reference for the international tourism market since it deepens issues related to institutions, services sector, tour operators, transport companies, accommodation and technologies.

Travel Quotidiano analyses distribution strategies and choices and takes up new tourism technologies, languages and targets. It goes into tourism policy issues, world news and the market with its economic and financial derivations. Furthermore it plays a leading role in the main international events.

Travelquotidiano.com is the online version of the newspaper. Thanks to its graphics, it is engaging and very user-friendly: it is possible to comment and share news on tourism with friends and colleagues.

Travel Quotidiano has only one purpose: being the first to give in-depth news and voice to stakeholders.


Publishing Director: Daniela Battaglioni
Publisher: Travel Agent Book S.r.l.
Editor in Chief: Giuseppe Aloe
Frequency: twice a week
Issues: Wednesday and Friday
Issued in: Italian
Circulation: 8.000 copies per issue
Readership: 32.000
Distribution: subscribing and posting


Travel Agencies – Travel Agencies Network – Gds (Global Distribution System) – Olta (Online Travel Agency) – Tour Operators – Hotel Chains and Single Hotels – Spa and Wellness Centres – Airlines – Airports – Railways – Ferries and Cruises – Chambers of Commerce – Carrier and Cargo Companies – Media Centres – Communication Agencies  – Press Offices – Journalists – Tourism Exhibitions – National Tourism Agencies – Embassies – APT (Tourism Promotion Agency) – Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Associations – International Tourism Boards Incentive Operators – Business Schools – Universities – Insurances – Car Hire Companies – PCO – Stock Exchange – Research Companies – Tourism Software Companies – Consumer&Corporate.

SUPPLEMENTS: Travelmag, Formazione Permanente, Monografia

If you want to receive the supplements, please subscribe to Travel Quotidiano.
You will find every info in the section “Abbonati al giornale” of  the web site.
Tel: 06. 70. 47. 64. 18
Fax: 06. 77. 200. 983
E-mail: abbonamenti@travelquotidiano.com


Formazione Permanente is a brochure aiming at providing tourism companies and Italian travel agencies with training and thorough analysis. Every brochure enclosed with Travel Quotidiano is fully dedicated to a single destination or tourism company, in order to provide detailed description of tendencies, news, business and promotional policies of the tourism marketplace in its different situations.

Formazione Permanente


Travel Operator Book (T.O.B.) is a tourism directory published in italian and english. It is competitive in the market because it features full and accurate contents and constantly updated infos. Its dynamic and attractive graphics makes Travel Operator Book a detailed and reliable tool and every new edition is always quicker and easier to consult. It is distributed in Italy and abroad and focuses big and medium companies operating within the tourism market or interacting with it. The directory features a practical internal pocket containing the Tob Pocket, a useful and easy-to-use pocket handbook which contains phone numbers and e mail of all tourism companies.

Frequency: annual
Publisher: Travel Agent Book S.r.l.
Publishing Director: Daniela Battaglioni
General Coordinator: Barbara Battaglioni
Issue: February
Language: italian and english
Circulation: 10.000 copies in Italy and abroad
Distribution: tourism exhibitions/ subscribing and posting Price T.O.B. + Pocket: €50,00 (VAT incl.)
Annual Subscription to Website: € 50,00 (VAT incl.)
For purchase: please consult the website


Tecnologies and Gds, National Tourism Boards and Foreign Representatives in Italy, Airlines, Brokers, Italian Airports and Airport Parkings, Hotel Chains and Congress Centers in Italy, Transport Car Hire Companies in Italy, Cruise & Ferry, Foreign Railways and Trenitalia, Outgoing Italian Tour Operators catalogued by destination and specialization, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in alphabetical and geographical order, List of Incentive Agencies, Insurance Companies and International Dialing Codes.

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The websitewww.traveloperatorbook.it is the online version of Travel Operator Book and allows to quickly reasearch names, contacts and e-mail addresses; select contents by multiple research criteria; print labels; display the list of all Tour Operators classified by country and the detailed list of their destinations (Section Outgoing); link to advertisers’ websites; Multi-Email (payment service).

On the web site are also published the brochures of tour operators.


The “Monografia” is a magazine focused on a specific destination or a tourism company.

The Monografia is focused on companies’ business  and the main tourism attractions of a destination, through  eye-catching photos, package tours of tour operators or tourism board’s travel advices.

The “Monografia” is a supplement of Travel Quotidiano and it’s also published on a dedicated section of the website.




The Report introduces the reader to a destination, a tourism company or a type of tourism product, analyzing arrivals, presences and touristic attractions, strenghts and economic results of the company.

Each Report is characterized by an high-impact graphics and published into the newspaper.



The Specials are editorial products dedicated to a specific destination or type of  tourism product.

Tour operators specialized in one or more destinations can use it to communicate in the right way with  travel agents.

Each Special  is published online in a dynamic version.


The Specials


Logo Travel Roadshow

The Events Department is responsible for the organization of training, roadshow and mini-fairs in Italy dedicated to travel agencies, involving tourism operators and tourism boards.

Travel Open Day is an innovative and unique mini-fair, which takes place every year in large and small Italian towns in order to promote meetings between tourism operators and travel agencies.
Each event has high visibility on the newspaper, the website, the newsletter and the social networks.

Each event is presented on the cover and inside the newspaper with pictures and results.

Travel Roadshow

Travel Open Day


tot 2


New Training Portal for the tourism industry www.travelopentraining.it from which the travel agencies will be able to take online courses and webinars on destinations and tourism companies.

Webinars are online training courses addressed to the tourism industry and dedicated to the online presentation of tourism companies, destinations, products and services. A real seminar made with ​​video web conferencing whereby a company will have the opportunity to interact in real time with a group of interested users.



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